Martin A.

Everyone at Marble Music Studios has supported me both in music and in life since the very beginning. It would be an understatement to say that these teachers have been integral in getting me to where I am today. I am eternally indebted to them for everything they have done. (graduating class of 2023)

Ellen K.

I would like to thank every single one of my lesson teachers. They taught me the skills and techniques needed to improve and grow in my musicianship. They encouraged me to learn challenging music and helped me continue to strive for higher standards. (graduating class of 2023)

Corinne Campbell

My 11-year-old daughter has been taking guitar lessons since 2018 and absolutely loves it! We live 30 miles away and it never feels like an inconvenience to drive because she loves it so much and can’t wait to get there! She has learned so much and her teacher does a wonderful job! The studio is also an art gallery so I have plenty to look at while she has her lessons. I highly recommend it!!! 

Nicole Wegner

“My daughter (age 4) started off this past fall not being able to sit still by the piano–after a few weeks of fun 30 minute lessons and quick 10 minute practices each night, she has built mindfulness and focus and is now beginning to read music! The positive reinforcement is exactly what we needed.” 

Abrielle, Age 8

“My teacher is super nice.  I get to play my ukulele and play songs so when I get older I can be a singer.”

Jim & Carole Bates

Our daughter has been part of the Marble Music family for nearly three years. We could not be more pleased with the instruction our daughter has been given in both voice and piano. The teachers at Marble Music are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and caring, and they have created a wonderful music community where children and adults alike can thrive. We cannot imagine sending our daughter anywhere else for music lessons. 

Kaiping Albright

We have been with Julia Marble since 2011 and other teachers for a few years now. It has been a great journey. When we started this music journey, one thing I wanted to make sure is that my kids had fun. Yes, “no pain, no gain.” However, if one does not enjoy the pain, what would be the point of gain? We learned the music and had a lot of fun together when kids were little. As kids get older, they start to do their own lessons and practices. Marble Music teachers are great music teachers. But most of all, they are great advocates and supporters for kids. With stresses from school, my kids love their lesson time at Marble Music Studio. Marble Music teachers provide encouragement and support for my kids’ needs. I am thankful that we found this marvelous group of teachers!!!

Joni Allwardt

Playing the violin has been a long time desire. Although, being in my mid-sixties, I had doubts! Finding Marble Music with knowledgeable instruction and loving guidance has given me the opportunity for this amazing journey.

Amanda G. 

We love working with our teacher. He is a perfect fit for our son. We are really impressed with how much he’s learning! Our teacher is stretching him to become a storyteller. Our teacher is a good mix of stretching and encouraging. 

Cherie Kozba

I started violin lessons last June When I told my family and friends what I was doing, I got a few surprised looks and also some supportive comments. I even searched on YouTube to see if there were other adult learners like myself. It was so encouraging! It’s not easy to try new things or get out of your comfort zone. It’s definitely been challenging, however; my instructor has been patient, encouraging and very understanding with my schedule. Little by little I’m improving. I’m proof that age is just a number. Don’t talk yourself out of starting something new. I’m an average person just like most people. I’m a nurse, wife, mother, and grandma too. I don’t have any special talent-just a desire to learn and have fun. Don’t be afraid!!

Anne Johnson

Truly exceptional and talented instructors, that are kind, thoughtful, flexible and gifted in their abilities! My kids are learning so much and excelling in music. I would totally recommend Marble Music.


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